Retail Automation Systems has joined forces with Retail Information Technology Enterprises.

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POS Solutions Come in All Sizes! POS experience defines whether customers come back. So. POS must fit customers' needs. Inventory tracking, purchasing, and customer histories also vary by store. Tell us what you need. Post your retail system needs here.

POS, Inventory Tracking, Purchasing and customer history are in Microsoft Retail Management System. Pos sibly, staff does double work. Possibly, reports are vague. Possibly, you can't trust the numbers you get. POS, back office and retail marketing are now all in one Microsoft product!
POS for the technically astute! Even the diligent! POS/retail management systems from Microsoft are complete and flexible. Possibly Microsoft eLearning will be all you need. POS/retail management from Microsoft is easy to set up!
POS Champs for Helping People - Central USA!
Retail Automation Systems just won this prestigious Microsoft POS Retail Management System award - and possibly more to come!